The transition to ICD-10 mandate is perhaps the biggest change in standard healthcare coding systems in decades which will not only grow but also change the codes that providers and payers have been using for the past three decades. Along with its transaction precursor Version 5010, it will impact every system, process, and transaction that contains or uses a diagnosis code.

ICA has tied up with leading ICD-10 education providers to help offer their ICD-10 learning courses through the ICA platform. These online learning programs assist individuals and organizations gain comprehensive knowledge of objectives and changes that comes with ICD-10 coding system as well as applying ICD-10 codes for the purpose of billing and reimbursement. ICD-10 learning courses offered by our online training partners will assist professionals learn or improve their ICD-10 skills, as well as receive formal preparation for eventual certification exam. Some of the ICD-10 online learning courses offered through us may be eligible for CEUs from other organizations. Please check the individual courses before signing up for such information.

ICA also offers assistance to select interested organizations to develop industry-relevant ICD-10 training courses that shall meet the stringent standards set by ICA that can be delivered in online, classroom, or onsite format.

ICA is committed to provide a level-playing platform for all ICD-10 education vendors providers who meet the stringent standards set by ICA. Please click for more information about assistance in developing industry-relevant ICD-10 education program or deliver your ICD-10 education programs using our platform