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While most of the organizations are still in initial stages of ICD-10 implementation, ICD-10 experts at ICA have taken the initiatives to publish a number of books and guides that will try to exact the impact of ICD-10, the cost of non-compliance and help learn ICD-10 coding.

Initial versions of below Study Guides are available for free for everyone. Most current and updated versions and new editions are made available only for Members of ICA.

The first comprehensive Six Sigma road map document for successful transition to ICD-10!!!

ICA is proud to have brought out "Six Sigma Approach For Successful ICD-10 Implementation" a Six Sigma-based implementation guide prepared for all healthcare and payer organizations. It discusses the people, process, and technology considerations that will help people take a more holistic approach to managing change with a thoughtful, strategic plan.

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Learn more about ICD-10 coding for diabetes mellitus and related conditions

Diabetes Mellitus - ICD-10 Coding Guide is a comprehensive text compiled by ICD-10 experts to help master the complexities of medical coding under ICD-10 environment. This addresses coding questions on a variety of diabetic conditions and also document guidelines that needs to be followed.

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