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I personally recommend ICD-10 Coders Academy. Online training is excellent and pricing model is great, affordable and efficient. I passed ICD-10 Certification Exam
Dan Turner-CPC,CEMC
Mar 2012
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learning - Online Study Tips

If you are new to online learning and in need of some helpful advice on how to successfully study online?

You may find the below tips useful to achieve online, "with no worries!"

  • Get to know the online training program you are studying
    • As soon as possible, get to know about the online training program you are studying, this allows you to be a step ahead in achieving, as you will gain a better understanding of goal of this online training program. How?
    • Check out any information available relating to:
      • the online training program description
      • the online training program objectives
      • the online training program requirements
      • the media and technology required
      • Trainer contact information
  • Getting used to your online training program
    • If you are uncomfortable with computers, make sure you allow yourself time to get used to working online.
    • Navigate and become familiar with your online training program. Remember if you have any worries; just email the support team who will assist you in introducing online training program.
  • Effective/disciplined time management skills
    Although you have the convenience of not having to attend classes, you will still have to set aside regular time for studying.
    • Make sure you commit a certain number of hours per week to your online training program.
    • Remember you have a set time for your online training program, and you have the decision to achieve your goal at a pace and time that best suits you!
  • Learn to remain self-motivated and self-disciplined
    • Meet the set regular goals and deadlines without fail.
    • Do not wait until the last minute to start assignments.
    • Make sure that the set goals are realistic
    • Procrastination is a bad habit that could seriously affect your online training program.
  • Find an appropriate environment for study
    • Find a quiet comfy place free from distractions that you can use specifically for online training.
    • Try and avoid using your study place for relaxing or social activities such as updating social media websites, IMs, etc.
    • Keep your desk where you undertake online training free from clutter.
  • Stay in touch with your institution
    • Be sure to seek immediate assistance from the support team if you do not understand the online training program content or are experiencing any other difficulties. Remember a support team is always for support!
    • If you have an unusual circumstance that hinders your work and prevents you from studying please contact over the phone immediately.