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I personally recommend ICD-10 Coders Academy. Online training is excellent and pricing model is great, affordable and efficient. I passed ICD-10 Certification Exam
Dan Turner-CPC,CEMC
Mar 2012
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E-learning - How Online Learning Works

Find the course that is right for you!

Whether you are looking to get a promotion or make a career change, or perhaps you would like to do more in your life than just work and would like to exercise your mind, find new interests and grow. Our knowledgeable Training Advisors will help to make your decision easier, so feel free to call them for any information you may need.

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A learning schedule that suits you.

You, the student, are completely in control of your own learning schedule. Learning online allows you the freedom to study at the comforts of your home to breaks at your workplace or from anywhere in the world.

Highly informative and visual course content

Our courses have been created by leading experts in medical coding and billing domain and in learning methodology to ensure that our high quality standards are upheld. All of our courses have been designed for independent learning, which means your learning will be straight forward and easy to follow. All modules and quizzes are clearly laid out and allow you to progress as quickly as you feel comfortable.

Expert Trainer support

Once you have chosen the course that is right for you, you will have immediate access to an expert trainer who will provide you with help when you ask for it.

Auto Update Of Result/Login Hours

We want to make every aspect of your learning as convenient and helpful to you as possible, and this includes your quizzes and the number of hours you have spent on online training. This information is captured automatically each time you attempt a quiz or login to your online training using your registered email ID.

Assessment results

You can view your quiz results within 48 hours of submitting them. Depending on your results, our trainer may provide you with constructive feedback that will benefit you and help you progress to the next level of your course.

Successfully completing your course

Once you successfully complete your recommended online training hours or submit a declaration for the same, you will receive your well-earned completion certificate via post