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ICD-10 Coders Academy is the #1 resource for information on ICD-10 implementation. With the impending and imminent prominence that ICD-10 is going get over the next few months to years with the fast-approaching deadlines, ICD-10 Coders Academy's official website (www.icd10codersacademy.com) is uniquely poised to be one of the widely searched online resource for ICD-10 implementation for care providers, payers, fiscal intermediaries, private organizations, training companies, software vendors, etc

Here are some vital statistics about the ICD-10 Coders Academy's official web site:


  • Started in 2009 as an organization dedicated to assist individuals and organizations in pursuit of transition to ICD-10
  • ICA publishes and provides free access to multiple ICD-10 resources as a part of online promotional methods
  • From the outset, very high google recall for keywords related to ICD-10

Audience Statistics

Most updated information, products, and multiple free resources like study guides and ICD-10 coding tools has interested more than 50000 unique visitors since October 2010

Monthly Website Statistics

  • Unique Visitors - 13500
  • Page Views - 60000
  • User Minutes - 243000
  • Growth Rate - 35%

Mailing Lists

More than 5000 individuals have signed on to receive announcements and other messages from ICD-10 Coders Academy. New initiatives and resources are expected to push this to 10,000 within a short period of time. Sampling studies indicate that about two-thirds of these individuals are active and experienced professionals that might play a key role in ICD-10 implementation efforts.

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Valued By Users

Users' appreciation of what they find at www.icd10codersacademy.com is measured by "dwell time" (how long a visitor stays at the site) and by "impressions per visit" (the number of pages read during each visit. The site scores exceptionally highly on these metrics, with typical monthly average dwell time rising each month over the life of the site and now running at more than 18 minutes, and between 5-6 page views per visit. This means that a single page advertisement at www.icd10codersacademy.com is visible to the visitor for about three minutes, well above the average of most sites. Multi-page advertisements are seen by users for an average of over 18 minutes per visit!

Trusted Content

Our website visitors are not just passive users, they are key decision makers that actively use the information they find here. The growth in total volume of information downloaded per visit clearly reflects the trust placed by users on the information they find here. Advertising linked to page content will therefore reach users with a real interest in the topic concerned.

Site Performance

Our website is exceptionally well-maintained and resourced. During the most recent measured month, client errors amounted to substantially less than half of one per cent of all hits. The site has been hosted since its creation by godaddy.com and total "out" time since launch has been less than 30 minutes. Available bandwidth is more than ten times current utilization, with direct connection to many external links, providing generally excellent response times but subject like all sites to external routing constraints (between you, your Internet Services Provider, and the main network links).


Our website is well placed in leading search engines but its unique strength is the range and quality of positive referral links from other related sites and pages. These include academic as well as company, trade show and other association sites.

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