The new coding system provides significant improvements through greater detailed information and the ability to expand in order to capture additional advancement in clinical medicine. Below explains the benefits of transitioning to ICD-10.

  • Incorporates much greater specificity and clinical information, which results in:
    • Improved ability to measure health care services
    • Increased sensitivity when refining grouping and reimbursement methodologies
    • Enhanced ability to conduct public health surveillance
    • Decreased need to include supporting documentation with claims
    • Includes updated medical terminology and classification of diseases
    • Provides codes to allow comparison of mortality and morbidity data

  • Provides better data for payers, providers, federal agencies:
    • Measuring care furnished to patients
    • Designing payment systems
    • Processing claims
    • Making clinical decisions
    • Tracking public health
    • Identifying fraud and abuse
    • Conducting research