Certification FAQs

Q: What's ICD-10 Coders Academy certification?

It's a professional credential for ICD-10 professionals and implementation consultants that validate your knowledge and skills in the field of ICD-10 implementation. At present, there are two kinds of certification – one for ICD-10 coding and guidelines and another an advance of the earlier that also encompasses knowledge required for ICD-10 transition and implementation. To receive a credential, you have to pass the certification exam conducted by ICD-10 Coders Academy.

Q: What's in it for me?

Benefits of certification include:

  • A credential that proves your knowledge and skills
  • A certificate and a certification logo to use on business cards and in email signatures
  • Feature your profile on our website for better career opportunities
  • Personal growth and professional advancement
  • Membership in the exclusive but growing community of ICD-10 Coders Academy's certified professionals
  • Access to special certified professionals events

Q: Do I have to take training to get certified?

No, but we highly recommend it. Check the course topics in the Study Guides or the ICD-10 Coders Academy website. If you think you already have the knowledge to pass the exam, you can just sign up to take it.

Q: How can I prepare for the exam?

The best way to prepare for the initial certification exams is to study the materials in the appropriate study guide and take the relevant course. To maintain your certification for subsequent years, prepare by updating your knowledge up to date and passing the interim exams.

Q: What does certification cost?

The price for certification exams is $1499. If you want to undertake the online training also, then the price is $1499. The second option also gets you one year Membership of the ICD-10 Coders Academy.

Q: Where and when can I take the exam? How do I sign up?

ICD-10 Coders Academy's certification exams are proctored exams you can take at testing centers around the world. To locate an testing center near you, please click here.

Q: What's the exam format? How hard is it?

The certification exams feature multiple-choice questions that cover a broad range of topics. Each exam has 80 questions and you will be given 180 minutes (including breaks) to complete the exam. (See the Study Guide for the exam you're interested in for exact details.) The exams test for understanding of some or all of the topics depending on the exam you are taking: Medical Coding and Billing Basics, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, GEM (General Equivalence Mapping), HL7 Basics, HIPAA Compliance, CMS 1500 and UB-04. To get an idea of the level of difficulty, see the Study Guide.

Q: What if I fail the exam?

One re-take is allowed at $135 (only processing fee).

Q: What if I do not want to undertake ICD-10 training as I am confident about my ICD-10 skills?

No problem, we only recommend that you undertake the ICD-10 online training class to prepare for an exam, but it is not mandatory.

Q: Are there prerequisites for appearing for certification exam and obtaining certification?

Yes. Both of the exams have different prerequisites. Here's an overview of prerequisites:

Exam Type: Certified ICD-10 Analyst® exam

  • At least a high school diploma but an associate's degree is highly recommended
  • Prior coding experience would be helpful
  • Maintain a current Membership of ICD-10 Coders Academy at all times
  • Pass certification exam with at least 70%

Exam Type: Certified ICD-10 Consultant® exam

  • Associate's degree is highly preferred but not mandatory
  • Mandatory coding/healthcare IT/healthcare experience of at least two years
  • Maintain a current Membership of ICD-10 Coders Academy at all times
  • Pass certification exam with at least 70%

Q: For how long is a certification valid?

When you successfully pass a certification exam, you're considered certified. To maintain the certification over subsequent years, you have to study for and take interim exams that test your knowledge of updated ICD-10 codes and guidelines. You'll be notified when these tests become available. Maintaining your certification requires a yearly maintenance fee of $229 which includes your Membership cost of $69.