Code Of Ethics

Members of ICD-10 Coders Academy are committed to conducting themselves within the highest standards of professional and personal ethics, to continuing ongoing professional growth and development, and to developing these beliefs in others with whom they work. Members assume the responsibility for providing professional leadership in their organizations. This responsibility requires members to:

  • Maintain standards of exemplary personal and professional conduct
  • Fulfill professional responsibilities with honesty and integrity
  • Obey and abide by all local, state, and national laws.
  • Implement the policies and administrative rules and regulations of the employing organization
  • Actively supporting the goals and objectives of the institution with which they work.
  • Implementing, to the best of their ability, the policies and administrative regulations of their employer.
  • Assisting fellow members, as appropriate, in fulfilling their obligations.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations laid by ICD -10 Coders Academy

In order to continuously provide high ethical standards, ICD- 10 Coders Academy updates its Code of Ethics guidelines on a regular basis. Members shall visit Code of Ethics page for the latest updated version. ICD -10 Coders Academy reserves the right to revoke or cancel any membership and/or certification issued if any of the members is found violating the Rules and Regulation and/or Code of Ethics laid by the ICD-10 Coders Academy.