Career Prospects

Healthcare jobs and spending are projected to show an upward trend in the coming years. With transition to ICD-10 in the background, the prospects for healthcare professionals with knowledge and expertise of ICD-10 are going to be exceptional. Many healthcare organizations are still in the initial stage of understanding, how to get started on the ICD-10 initiative. As per HIMSS, detailed findings from its latest HIPAA 5010, ICD-10 Readiness Survey that determined only 9 percent of providers have formally begun their ICD-10 projects and also found that "access to qualified and knowledgeable staff is the most critical concern." A good read of the article in the link below will give a brief idea what ICD-10 has in store for coding professionals.

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The implementation of ICD-10 codes offers a golden opportunity to begin a recession-proof career in a field, which is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years.

Some engaging facts regarding job prospects for professionals with ICD-10 knowledge and expertise:

  • Job opportunities for coders are expected to increase by 18% by 2016.
  • Per leading industry observers, ICD-10 could overtake Y2K in terms of impact and cost.
  • As the implementation deadline nears, ICD-10 experts are anticipated to receive some of the highest paying salaries.
  • Qualified and certified staff in ICD-10 will be in high demand as the deadline of implementation draws near.

Now is the time to start preparing and training for ICD-10, no matter what some of the "so-called" experts say. The coders, who are trained now and are well established, will be prepared to take advantage of the many opportunities available.