A certification can improve an individual's overall performance, increase confidence, and broaden market opportunities. The process of achieving and maintaining the certification also helps ensure that you are continually improving and refining your skill sets.

Certification awarded by ICA is a representation of competency, knowledge, and proficiency in ICD-10 Coding and Implementation. ICA encourages certification because it is the most effective way to help employees and employers to demonstrate their continual commitment towards compliance with ICD-10 Mandate. Our certification process is a part of system developed by ICA to create and sustain an industry-recognized standard for ICD-10 coding and implementation.

ICD-10 Coders Academy offers the following certifications:

Certified ICD-10 Analyst® Certification for individuals that work or intend to work with Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management and/or ICD-10 Implementation Teams (Coders, Billers, Billing Company Owners, Nursing and Allied Healthcare Professionals, etc)

Certified ICD-10 Consultant® Certification for experienced professionals that will lead or have a critical role in ICD-10 implementation teams (HIT professionals, trainers, project managers, healthcare consultants, HIM directors, CIOs, etc)

Disclaimer:  Being certified is not the same as being licensed.  Licensing is a government-controlled process that serves as a requirement for functioning in specific professions.  Certification on the other hand, is a voluntary credentialing process which is generally managed by members of the profession.  Industry-based certification might sometimes be accepted and encouraged by government agencies because it provides a set of high standards consistently maintained which ultimately benefit the public when developed and managed appropriately.

The ICD-10 Coders Academy is not accredited by a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. It is the student's responsibility to determine whether credits, degrees, or certificates from the institution will transfer to other institutions or meet employers' training requirements. Please refer the Public notice/press release http://www.pr.com/press-release/446207 before your enroll.