Local Chapters

Get Connected! Find a local chapter of ICA in your area to connect with other ICA members! Every local chapter of the ICA Network holds meetings at regular intervals to bring like-minded medical coding and billing professionals together to discuss issues of interest. Many Chapters welcome local professionals as guest speakers and may offer additional engaging activities. Even if no local Chapter exists, you can become a member of fast-growing community of ICD-10 professionals and take advantage of our benefits of membership! You may also consider starting your own community! ICA works with professionals of various backgrounds and skills to help build your chapter.

Please note that we are continually updating this page as new chapters are forming. Click here if you are interested in starting a Local Chapter of ICA. A complete list of Local Chapters will be published shortly. Check back often to see if a new chapter has come up near you. Chapters that will be listed on this page are official affiliates of the ICA, an organization dedicated to enable providers, facilities, and payers achieve seamless transition into the use of ICD-10 through awareness, professional training, certification, customized coding tools, software functionality testing, and many other pioneering initiatives. Please be sure that you are joining a credible, accountable group that is an official Chapter before investing your time and resources!