Membership FAQs

Q: How do I renew my membership online?

If you have an outstanding renewal, you will be alerted upon login. Also the expiry date will be mentioned in your membership area upon login.

Q: How do I notify ICD-10 Coders Academy of my new address, phone, etc.?

To update your contact information, edit your Profile/Preferences. Login to your membership area, click on the Profile/Preferences on My Profile tab as you login to your Membership, and then click edit to display your current contact information. You can edit in the text field to make changes.

Q: Are there any local chapter?

No. Presently, we do not have local chapters and we are in the process of adding local chapters shortly. If you want to become a member and start your own local chapter, please click here.

Q: What are the benefits of membership?

A list of membership benefits is available in this page of the ICD-10 Coders Academy web site.

Q: Are there any online discussion groups I can participate in?

Yes, both members can access network, learn and exchange ideas globally with peers through communities, shared interest groups, discussions and document sharing on our ICD-10 Discussion Forum.

Please note that this feature is presently under maintenance and will be available shortly.

Q: Is membership refundable or transferable?

ICD-10 Coders Academy's Membership fee is non-refundable due to the immediate availability of free downloads and benefits for members.

Q: How can I have my username and/or password sent to me?

From the login prompt, please click on Forgot your password? You will be prompted to enter your email address. An email notification from ICD-10 Coders Academy containing your user name and password will be sent to you.

Please DO NOT create a new record; your pre-existing email ID on member record will not allow you to register again using the same email ID.

Q: What are my payment options when I place an order online?

We accept Credit/Debit cards (Only MasterCard, Visa, Maestro & Visa Electron), PayPal, and check payments presently.

Q: What does different type of memberships mean?

ICD-10 Coders Academy currently has two types of Membership (Individual and Corporate).
Please click here to know the benefits accorded to our Individual Members. Please click here to know the benefits accorded to our Corporate Members.

Q: When does my membership expire?

ICD-10 Coders Academy's membership expires for 365 days. Therefore, all memberships officially will expire after that. However, Standard Memberships will automatically get renewed without any action, but as a courtesy, Memberships will be accessible for a "grace period" of maximum two months before your membership is terminated for non-payment of dues. You may direct your questions regarding late payment extensions by clicking here.