Student Testimony

If you have never taken an online training before or you are contemplating ICD-10 training, read below for what some of our current students have to say about our Online ICD-10 Training program.

I was a little skeptical about learning ICD-10 through an online training until I enrolled in with one offered by ICD-10 Coders Academy. This totally transformed my coding career and now not only have I gained key ICD-10 skills that will further my career goals during the transition period, but I have also already been appointed as a team leader of our ICD-10 transition team.

Pamela Davis,

Quality ICD-10 training is key for successful career in medical coding domain, and ICD-10 Coders Academy has provided me a solid ICD-10 training program that has enabled me to prepare myself thoroughly. This has empowered me to formulate a more robust implementation strategy

Ruth Bem,
San Antonio, TX

I am just passionate about ICD-10. I switched from a seemingly online ICD-10 course offered by a nationally recognized medical coding institute to a one offered by ICD-10 Coders Academy, and this decision has completely made me happy. I can say with certainly that ICD-10 Coders Academy has the best cost-effective curriculum for ICD-10 online training in the market right now.

Lorena Aaron,
New York City, NY

I've learned more from the ICD-10 Coders Academy's online ICD-10 training course than an onsite training offered by a reputed organization. Online training is the way to go for ICD-10 training and ICD-10 Coders Academy with its 3-year unlimited access to training resources and unlimited email support is the best one to go for.

Kristy Johansson